Five Star Affair Do Not Disturb

Pseudo-traditional ska with dual female vocals has the potential to draw parallels to bands like the Dance Hall Crashers but that comparison would be doing Five Star Affair a great disservice. This quintet manage to walk the difficult middle ground between tradition and innovation, putting a healthy dose of roots into their reggae-tinged ska while unafraid to try something new. With this band "new” comes in the form of wah-pedalled guitar and the inclusion of a didgeridoo, both of which are pulled off successfully. The didgeridoo is especially pleasing on songs like "Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter.” The interplay between lead vocalist Tristin Chanel and bassist/vocalist Jessie Robertson (specifically on songs like "Jezebels Charms”) makes for some of the better moments on this disc, utilising pleasing harmonies and a fun back and forth style of singing to create entertaining songs that make you want to just dance. (Independent)