Five Band Reunions That Went Sour

Five Band Reunions That Went Sour
Black Sabbath (pictured)
After years of rumours, Black Sabbath finally reunited in late 2011 with promises of a tour and a new album. Things quickly went south: drummer Bill Ward refused to participate thanks to an "unsignable contract," while guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma and the band were forced to cancel the bulk of their dates. Those shows have since been re-billed as "Ozzy & Friends," which sounds like it might be another uncool instalment in the singer's cartoonish career arc.

Jane's Addiction
Their 1997 Relapse reunion tour was appropriately named, as guitarist Dave Navarro and singer Perry Farrell were reportedly using drugs heavily. Subsequent albums ― 2003's Strays and 2011's The Great Escape Artist ― failed to recapture the band's past magic, and they haven't been unable to hang on to a bass player. If their own collaborators don't care, why should we?

New Order
New Order's breakup was messy from the start, so when the group reunited in 2011 without Peter Hook, the bassist was unsurprisingly incensed. His non-stop bitching and threats of legal action haven't deterred his former bandmates, but everyone else seems to be more interested in the squabbling than the music.

Kyuss lives? No it doesn't. Three members of the stoner rock act reunited in 2010 under the name Kyuss Lives!, but the line-up was notably missing guitarist Josh Homme. He filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in 2012 with the support of Kyuss cohort Scott Reeder. Making a bad situation worse, original bassist Nick Oliveri is currently in a world of trouble following a SWAT team standoff after a domestic violence call.

Sublime with Rome
Late frontman Bradley Nowell was the sole owner of the Sublime trademark, so when his rhythm section began playing shows with singer Rome Ramirez, the courts barred them from using the old name. They changed it to Sublime with Rome and drummer Bud Gaugh later quit the band, leaving only bassist Eric Wilson from the original line-up.