The Finches Human Like a House

The casual nature of life on the west coast is purely and simply defined by this San Francisco-based duo’s second full-length release. With little more than guitar, vocals and the occasional cello, thanks to Vetiver’s Allisa Anderson, Aaron Morgan and Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs create an album of simple compositions and gentle melodies. There is little variation from track to track but it’s this consistency that allows for a harmonious album that lays itself out like a summer evening. Carolyn’s voice is soft and feminine but she manages to avoid the sweetness that too often saturates clean, acoustic tracks. The country-tinged "Lay” is one of the album’s strongest tracks, with the simplicity of their songwriting enhanced by the homage and the resonance of the pedal steel guitar. "The House Under The Hill” borrows from Auld Lang Syne and "Step Outside” is reminiscent of Isabelle Campbell’s solo-effort. This is simple, lovely storytelling. (Dulc-i-Tone)