FiftyWattHead Fogcutter

Since their formation in 1999, Windsor’s Fiftywatthead have been one of Ontario’s heaviest yet sadly most underrated bands. Their doom-y dirges predate the Orange Amplification resurgence spearheaded by acts such as the Sword and with their ferocious, confrontational manner, they truly deserve placement amongst the likes of Baroness and Mastodon. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened yet, although with Fogcutter, Fiftywatthead’s luck should turn. Nothing asserts their unbridled supremacy and command of meaty riffs, groove-laden beats and High On Fire/Clutch-inspired grind more than these eight blasts of agonizing hatred and ungodly bellowing. From "White Out” to "Followed By Thunder,” Fiftywatthead nail you to the wall and relish every bit of blunt trauma, redefining the terms of the statement "fucking loud” in the process. (Signed By Force)