FiftyWattHead Volume One

Hailing from the mighty town of Kingsville, ON, FiftyWattHead may actually be the ones that finally put the Windsor-shadowed town on the map. From beginning to end, their punishing debut full-length album definitely proves that they are the best heavy band to come out of Canada in years. They attack like shrapnel, with broad, progressively deconstructive grooves and instruments that sound as if they are made from refined metal, perhaps with some soil, high quality herb and a couple of melted down Shallow North Dakota and Unsane cassettes to boot. They will appeal to everyone: from old people that have completely lost their minds, math metal freaks, stoner-rockers and those who reveal their genitals to pay the rent. Their sound is sexy and dangerous, and is so refreshing that steam will rise from your stereo and you'll have to give it a week to cool down. Be wary, but in a good way, of course. (Death By Stereo)