Field Music


BY Cam LindsayPublished Feb 12, 2010

After two Field Music full-lengths and a singles/b-sides comp in the span of three years, Peter and David Brewis took some time off to explore their own solo ventures. Peter did his thing as the Week That Was and David became School of Language, but neither drifted far from their band's concise, atypical pop signature. Now back together as Field Music (minus pianist Andrew Moore), the Brewis brothers return with a double album, of all things. Though it's 20 tracks in all, (Measure) doesn't drag like most albums its size. Without Moore, the brothers accentuate their intertwining guitar play more, twisting and turning hasty classic rock riffs on "Clear Water" and playing off acoustic and electric jangle for "Them That Do Nothing." Like any double album, (Measure) doesn't thrive for its entirety, due more to sameness than the chances they take. Along with the high-spirited "Effortlessly," a song that could be their finest yet, something like "Let's Write A Book" reveals sleek grooves they've never displayed before, not to mention proficient use of the xylophone, an instrument that cries to be utilized more as they expand their scope. The time signatures are still abrupt, the hooks are still heaving and the music is always progressing despite such a systematic approach. It's great to have Field Music back, especially with such a generous release.
(Memphis Industries)

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