Fever Ray Returns

The Knife side-project has shared new music via an intense video called "Switch Seeks Same"
Fever Ray Returns
Absent Swedish duo the Knife recently returned with a new live effort, but now the group's Karin Dreijer (née Karin Dreijer Andersson) is reviving her solo project Fever Ray.

Over the weekend, Dreijer brought the old Fever Ray Facebook page back to life, changing its profile and cover photos to advertise something called "Karma Kinksters." These came with a hotline number to call, as well a link to the Fever Ray website, which now features a new strobe-heavy video loop.

Not soon after, we then got a new Fever Ray video, complete with new music. The clip comes bearing the title "Switch Seeks Same," though it's unclear if that's a new song title. You can watch the pretty intense clip below.

The last and sole Fever Ray album remains 2009's self-titled album. As this point, though, it seems a follow-up may be heading our way.