Fever Ray Falls from Heaven, Gets Sexy Surgery in New "Shiver" Video

It's the final instalment in the 'Radical Romantics' video pentalogy

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 14, 2024

Fever Ray has shared a video for standout Radical Romantics track “Shiver,” completing the pentalogy of videos that includes “What They Call Us," “Even It Out," "Kandy" and "North."

As is to be expected from a Fever Ray visual, the “Shiver” video is strangely beautiful and completely sick (in both senses), featuring Karin Dreijer falling from heaven only to be rescued by a possibly sadistic, possibly tender (if anyone knows how to blur that line, it’s Dreijer) nurse who performs a series of surgeries and a dance routine or two.

It’s a little gory, so be warned. In a press release, Dreijer and regular collaborator Martin Falck said the video was inspired by the Lovers of Valdaro, the 6,000-year-old human skeletons that were discovered “locked in an eternal embrace” in Italy. They elaborated:

We fantasized about what might have happened to these two skeletons. Were they so in love they had their mouths and noses too close to each other, or couldn’t stop kissing so they died of carbon monoxide poisoning? Or did a dinosaur kill them, and they died in fear holding each other? Was it a volcano, and they were protecting themselves from the lava burning their flesh? Maybe they weren’t in love at all; perhaps they were lifelong enemies facing their final struggle strangling each other? We felt there was a beautiful story there about the struggles of falling in love and the vulnerability you might feel being ‘examined’ by your love interest who wants to make sure you really are the one they can trust and form a relationship with, that will last for eternity.

The video stars Dreijer alongside International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation pro bodybuilder Irene Andersen. Check it out below. 


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