Fetty Wap Lucky No. 7

Fetty Wap  Lucky No. 7
Following the overwhelming success of "Trap Queen," the rumbling amongst heads was that Fetty Wap would unfortunately be another hip-hop one-hit wonder. To his credit, he actually managed to follow it up with a handful of other hits, but nothing to the level of the aforementioned smash.
Regardless, Fetty hasn't slowed down with releases, and continues the attempt at pushing himself musically on Lucky No. 7, a seven-song mixtape surprise released on his 26th birthday and intended to keep fans tided over until his long awaited sophomore album arrives.
The biggest issue with Lucky No. 7 however, is that the songs tend to sound the same. Despite having a variety of producers (Boogey Beatz, Glenn Thomas and Nickelbeats Loud) lacing this project with beats, Fetty can't seem to break away from the formula he's become attached to. Fetty has always used Auto-Tune in a very tactful way, but the way the digitization oozes from song to song is a tad abrasive — not to mention that the audio quality on most of the tracks are poor.
The tape's best track is "Stay Down," which finds Fetty crooning across more organic instrumentation and flexing those layered vocals that have always given him a melodic edge on his contemporaries. Fetty is always at his best when he uses the "less is more" approach to songwriting, which this song firmly adheres to. Plus, he doesn't hold back from tossing out motivational prose at each and every turn as he sings, "I'ma stay down, most these niggas know this / Life rebounds, gotta keep it focused."
Fetty Wap may never reach the same pinnacle he did back in early 2015 (which, in all honesty, is to be expected) but if he wants to make another splash, he'll have to find a new way, rather than clinging to the past. (Independent)