Fern Knight Seven Years of Severed Limbs

I want to be benevolently ruled within Fern Knight’s kingdom in Providence, Rhode Island. I want to listen to talented multi-instrumentalist and lead singer Margie Wienk’s often bleak yet beautiful musical and lyrical discourses. I want to behold the treasury of instruments displayed within Seven Years such as the guitar, cello, brushed drums and accordion. Witness these finely crafted songs played with skill and a rich story-telling like narrative. Set atop their sad spires are gems of happiness shimmering in the gloom. Fern Knight’s music is savvy and accomplished; their musical constructs a reference point for aspiring folk rockers. Within this kingdom I was not left wanting, rather pleased and exhilarated. I wanted to remain a continuous guest. Fern Knight creates exquisite sound artefacts, strong and enduring. (Normal)