Federico Aubele Revival, Toronto ON - October 19, 2004

The mystique of Argentinean ex-patriot Federico Aubele's electro-tango has always been his ability to subtly blend layers of electronic samples with the sensual strumming of his guitar to create an image of classical and modern day Buenos Aires, much like Gotan Project did a few years ago. Aubele, however, is more willing to explore and even bridge tango with dub and break beat rhythms to create a sensual, hypnotic hybrid of world music and electronic. Like most of his lounge-beat contemporaries, Aubele has had to form a band to bring his compositions to their full potential on stage. Combining his favourite echoed, tango-flavoured samples with live drums, bass, keys and his incredible guitar work, Aubele had the crowd mesmerised, from the delicate intros by his gentle backup singers to the crashing drums to the floating guitar and of course the broken-hearted wanderer feeling of Aubele's voice of tango past. Songs like "Postales" came together with a fierce sensuality and gems like "Ante Tus Ojos" and "Esta Noche" must have broken a heart or two, or even brought a few strangers together. It was incredibly entertaining to watch this music come together from live instruments instead of having to watch a shadowy figure hunch over a laptop and possibly spend the evening staring at a screen playing visuals. The feeling behind Aubele's passionate music translated much better into a live band scenario and created the perfect balance between electronic and organic, just what was perhaps missing to connect the music to the soul that birthed it. A crowd of curious wine drinkers swayed back and forth to the rhythm of his music and left the show with heads spinning and hearts aching. Federico Aubele's quiet charm and the subtle enchantment of his music created a dazzling show full of romance, passion, betrayal and revenge. Elements that I'm sure many of us will never experience in real life but can at least appreciate with the right company to set the mood.