Fat Mike Talks NOFX's "First Totally Punk Album in 20 Years"

Fat Mike Talks NOFX's 'First Totally Punk Album in 20 Years'
As we previously reported, long-running Californian punkers NOFX have a busy September ahead of them. Not only are the long-running band releasing the new studio album Self Entitled this month, but they will enter the visual realm with a new DVD, which will contain a live recording of their 1999 EP The Decline.

"The DVD is just something we threw together," Fat Mike tells Exclaim! during a recent interview. "Someone filmed it, it's from five or six years ago. It's just kind of a bonus thing. It was just sitting there. But the album's pretty cool."

As for Self Entitled, Mike explains fans should brace themselves for something totally different this time out.

"It's our first totally punk album in 20 years," he reveals about the disc, which follows up 2009's Coaster. "I just wanted to make an old-school-sounding record; it doesn't have reggae on it or jazz. It's just straight-forward."

Because of this simplistic approach (which fans have probably seen coming due to the band's love of releasing very raw punk 7-inches as of late), the recording process wasn't a tough one for the guys.

"It was a lot easier, and didn't take us very long," says Mike. "I'm not going to say it's our best record or anything, because I never say that shit. You can't tell for a year or two afterwards, anyway."

So what does the notorious punk prankster think is NOFX's best record? While most fans might harken back to Ribbed or White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean, Mike says something different.

"I think So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes is probably song for song our best," he admits. "When we play live shows we end up doing more songs off that record than anything else."

Self Entitled arrives September 11 through Fat Wreck Chords, while The Decline DVD follows the next day on September 12.

As previously reported, NOFX will play Riot Fest in Toronto on Sunday (September 9).