Fat Joe Elephant In The Room

Being a Fat Joe fan, the first listen of Elephant In The Room is pretty mediocre. On the second listen it only gets worse. Eight albums deep and Fat Joe still hasn’t developed consistency. His feud with 50 Cent and the who’s who production may have garnered a buzz around the drop of the album but it disappoints. The first big mistake is the lack of content — we know you’re glorious already. The second mistake is his production selection — don’t choose beats that outshine you. The best songs are by far "300 Brolic” and "My Conscience.” With an entire new generation swooning over his "I Won't Tell” track featuring J Holiday, new fans won’t recognise his old music and old fans definitely won’t appreciate the new stuff. Let’s just say what everyone is thinking: it ain’t the same without Big Pun. (Terror Squad/EMI)