Fashawn "Life as a Shorty"

Fashawn 'Life as a Shorty'
With a mixture of undeniable hunger, humility and self-taught book smarts 20-year-old Fresno, California MC Fashawn has made an impact in a relatively short amount of time. Following his John Singleton-alluding Higher Learning mixtape (featuring the MC rhyming over K-OS' "Sunday Morning") and the recently issued The Antidote entirely produced by The Alchemist, Fashawn is ready to drop his official full-length.

Boy Meets World will be entirely produced by Exile, who issued the inventive instrumental project Radio earlier this year and helmed Blu & Exile's critically acclaimed Beneath The Heavens. "Life As A Shorty," the lead track from the album, puts all of Fashwan's lyrical appeal on the table. While it chronicles his tough childhood, humour, wisdom and perseverance, amplified by the wamth and innocence of the kid-filled video, win out in the end.

Watch Fashawn's "Life as a Shorty" here.