Fashawn "Higher" (video)

Fashawn 'Higher' (video)
Fashawn knows what lights up his life: his daughter. While the rapper's The Ecology track "Higher" weighs in on his opinions on the music industry, he spends half of the video focusing on heartwarming hang time with his kid.

As you'll see down below, the clip features a quick onstage shout-out to his daughter before bouncing between black and white footage shot on-the-road, and more idyllic, full-colour scenes from an open field. As Fashawn raps about the struggles of keeping the attention of fickle Twitter followers, we see him making his way to record stores for autograph sessions.

More adorable are scenes of the kid running around with a handful of golden balloons before being scooped up in her father's arms. Also there for the family funday is Fashawn's beatmaker, who brought along an unplugged MPC.

You can let Fashawn lift you up with his sweet and humble display down below.