FaltyDL Three Rooms EP

FaltyDL Three Rooms EP
It's been just over a year since we last heard from the producer who barely breathes between releases, and after the wait (which seems lengthy for him) FaltyDL has dropped his latest EP, Three Rooms.
The three-track EP is straightforward in name and in execution, delivering beats tied to the size of room you'd likely encounter them in. Opener "Big Room" leaves a lot to be desired with its superfluous, airy, and minutes-long intro and outro (which "Medium Size Room" suffers from as well). Once the garbled low end eventually kicks in, the track remains stagnant, barely building up or down.
"Medium Size Room," despite the unnecessary intro, turns into a bright pulsing track with blaring synths and a nice vocal flourish, slowed down some from the previous track.
By the time "Small Room (Fake Smiling Faces)" pulls up, the EP has sunk its hooks in. A soulful sample from Undisputed Truth's "Smiling Faces Sometimes" rolls lithely across the track, and a thick drum fill pushes in and out with minimal scratching atop. It's a rich offering that certainly counteracts the sparseness of the opener, and makes the EP entirely worth it. (Hypercolour)