FaltyDL A Taste of Acid

FaltyDL A Taste of Acid
It's been nearly a year since FaltyDL dropped his last release, which for him seems lengthy. Like his Three Rooms EP, A Taste of Acid is literal in its title, a pull-no-punches approach that gets straight to the point.
Similarly, as the tracks on this EP run, they move from fully realized to deconstructions. "Hype Acid" comes out swinging, with hard slaps of bass and a frenetic beat running alongside the gritty 303 squelches, followed by "A Taste of Acid," which slows down the beat just slightly and does away with a lot of the chaos that precedes it.
"Blush Acid" rolls in and out of a 4/4 beat with a much lazier gait, and closer "A C I D" is industrial bits and pieces with patchy 303 and any beat entirely stripped away.
While theming an album can be hit-or-miss, FaltyDL's unique approach to A Taste of Acid and slow deconstruction of the genre with each track give the EP an advantage it otherwise wouldn't have. (Hypercolour)