Falling in Reverse 'Fashionably Late' (album stream)

Falling in Reverse 'Fashionably Late' (album stream)
Las Vegas band Falling in Reverse are flipping the script, delivering a full-album stream of their sophomore set Fashionably Late surprisingly early. You can't actually pick up the LP, mind you, until Epitaph plops it into retailers June 18.

The band recently went viral, with the ghost-riding video for "Alone" bugging out eyes everywhere via leader Ronnie Radke's mind-boggling blend of death grunts and braggy rap rhymes, not to mention the track's EDM-meets-crabcore arrangement.

As previously reported, Radke used this latest song cycle to highlight his lifelong affinity for rap music.

"My dad raised me on metal, but my first serious love was hip-hop," he had previously said in a statement. "When I heard Dr. Dre's The Chronic, that's when I fell in love. I didn't know what the hell they were talking about, the beats were intertwined, and it came inside of me and took me over. When we added hip-hop elements I was thinking, 'Should I do this? This sounds crazy! Are people going to like this?' Now I've never been so proud of something. The final product, Fashionably Late, is the best work I've ever done."

Listen for yourself on YouTube here.

Also on Tuesday (June 18) evening, Falling in Reverse will perform a special live show at the Roxy in Hollywood in celebration of the new release. You'll be able to live stream the entire performance on the band's website.