Fake Cops The Broken City, Calgary AB April 29

It was an ironic send-off when the real cops appeared at the final Fake Cops gig. Despite a visit by the police to investigate noise levels, vocalist/guitarist Jon Hopkins turned to bassist Andy MacDonald, cocked an eyebrow and invited him to crank it. With the P.A. system maxed-out, the room quaked with Hopkins’ and Jordan Tettensor’s angular guitars darting in between Ian Russell’s powerhouse drumming and MacDonald’s thick bass. Blazing through unreleased tracks, material from their 2004 debut Absolutely Your Credit Is Excellent But In a Certain Way We Also Need Cash and last year’s searing Thundertheft, the Fake Cops demonstrated how delicious the Hot Snakes would be if they were fronted by Ian Svenonious. While the crowded dance floor pulsed to fan favourites like "Sir, You’re Not Blowing” and "Scimitar Fight,” it was easy to see that younger musicians in attendance were getting a tutorial. Throughout their set, the quartet illustrated how thrilling dance punk could be if trendy electro flourishes were replaced with raw soul and animalistic muscle. If anything, the Fake Cops underscored the importance of making music that necessitates wiping your mouth on your sleeve after each listen. The completely engrossed audience was audibly distraught when the band concluded their short set with "Aristostat.” After realising that the group were simply out of songs to play, a couple audience members hollered for the band to do their set again, but slower. It was a fitting farewell party for both MacDonald (now Montreal bound) and the brilliant Fake Cops, who join the bulging file of amazing bands that broke up far too soon.