Fake Cops Absolutely Your Credit Is Excellent But In A Certain Way We Also Need Cash

An intriguing young band that forgot to wipe their mouths after digesting their influences, Fake Cops writhe around somewhere on the continuum between the Constantines and the Liars. Their math-distressed guitar sound is angular and pretty enough for a photo shoot in Nylon, but offers up enough surprises to keep adventurous listeners riveted for the duration. Aside from some uncomfortably derivative moments, the post-punk gestures are only twitchy embellishments on some very solid, original rock moves. Occasionally duelling vocals and brief keyboard spasms are handled with restraint, and the single-worthy "Sir You're Not Blowing” is catchy enough to hover in your consciousness for days. Absolutely Your Credit is Excellent ends on a breathless note, keeping new converts hooked and impatient for a fully-realised album. A pleasurable tease, if a mildly guilty pleasure. (Mockingbird)