Faithless / Various 3D

Never afraid to rock out in big-stadium-trance fashion, Faithless have been huge in the UK for what seems like an eternity, and certainly most of disc one — the "Studio” disc filled with Faithless-produced tracks — sound like the product of another era. The most blatant example being Pete Heller’s remix of "Miss You Less See You More,” his (somehow) timeless tribute to 1988 and the best track on the disc. Disc two — the "Club” disc, a more typical DJ mix — is about as good as any mix with Deep Dish and Stevie Knicks’s "Dreams” remake could be, while also featuring the thoroughly tired "White Horse” by Wonderland Avenue. Solid tracks like Kid Crème’s "The Game,” featuring Bashiyra, are spread too thinly to make for a consistent listen. Luckily the final disc, called "Home,” redeems the previous missteps, as is often the case with these sort of compilations. Casting off the obligation of being dance floor-friendly, this is by far the most interesting selection of the three discs: down-tempo throughout and running heavy on reggae influences at first before laying down curveballs like John Martyn and Todd Rundgren. Worth checking out for its more eclectic side. (Renaissance)