Faith Healer

Gateway Restaurant & Bar, Calgary AB, February 28

Photo: Chris Gee

BY Anna AlgerPublished Feb 28, 2016

Edmonton's Faith Healer (also known as Jessica Jalbert) has been one of the most talked about artists of the last year, in the wake of her debut release under her new moniker, 2015's Cosmic Troubles. Jalbert and her band entranced the Gateway's audience with their multi-layered indie rock comprised of skilled guitar interplay and somewhat monotone vocals similar to those of Molly Rankin.
Faith Healer's songs are intricate and oftentimes downtempo, with a steady beat. However, a laid-back, sunny vibe pervades the music, tempo changes adding texture to the songs. A mellow, '70s vibe characterized the performance, with bits of psych and noise influence flitting in and out of the poppy numbers. The songs of Faith Healer are melancholy, yet the stage presence of Jalbert and her band charm.

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