Exodus Tempo of the Damned

Exodus has always been a band that was more about riffs and less about speed and this is exactly the case with their new album as well. The veteran Bay Area thrash unit returns with a new album featuring ten new tracks and a cover of AC/DC’s "Dirty Deeds.” There is not a single song void of at least one killer riff. While the tempos are kept mainly at mid-level, the head banging is non-stop. What you have is an album containing more than a half-dozen songs good enough to make every other thrash band around jealous. It’s been quite a long time since an album of such good thrash metal has been released. Music with an attitude and lyrics that express opinions about the impending doom of the world around us, Exodus is a band that sounds eager to hit the stage again and deliver some killer music to the masses. If you were ever into thrash, this is an album you can’t afford to miss. (Nuclear Blast)