Evolve Festival Organizer Detained by Halifax Police and Fined $4,500 over Posters

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 3, 2010

From July 23 to 25, music fans in the Maritimes banded together for the 11th annual Evolve Festival in Antigonish County, NS. By most accounts, the festival was a major success, bringing in a well-rounded lineup, including Lullabye Arkestra, Old Man Luedecke, Gobble Gobble, Rich Aucoin and countless others. For festival organizer Jonas Colter, however, it was more of a nightmare, as he was arrested and fined heavily on the fest's opening night.

According to a press release from Colter, he was arrested and fined $4,500 for postering in Halifax on July 23. A Halifax bylaw officer and two police officers forced the 39-year-old Colter into their cruiser and questioned him for over an hour, eventually fining him 18 tickets at $250 each for the 400 posters Colter put up in Halifax to promote the event.

 The Chronicle Herald reports that Colter was asked to remove the posters weeks ago, but told bylaw officers that he would wait until the event was over. Bylaw officers told Colter that they had to be removed within 48 hours of their initial complaint or he would face a fine. The posters stayed up, which led to the detainment on July 23. Colter has said he plans to fight the fines in court.

The Evolve Festival was recently voted the Best Festival in Canada by CBC Radio 3. Citing a lack of support from the local government, Colter is considering a relocation to Moncton for future editions of the gathering.

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