Every Time I Die / Bring Me the Horizon / Architects Kool Haus, Toronto ON, October 9

Every Time I Die / Bring Me the Horizon / Architects Kool Haus, Toronto ON, October 9
Whenever Every Time I Die saunter into Toronto for a night of mayhem, it truly feels as if the boys are back in town. Touring their latest full-length New Junk Aesthetic, ETID invaded the Kool Haus with their Southern rock style, the music being as spot on as ever and vocalist Keith Buckley charming the crowd with his hilarious persona.

Although ETID's performances are blistering and tactical, they're becoming quite predictable. Each performance has Hot Damn! moments that hammer your hardcore soul, with a circle pit of destruction from "Bored Stiff" and poppiness courtesy of "We're Wolf," "The New Black" and "Apocalypse Now and Then." Thankfully, New Junk Aesthetic proved to reinvigorate ETID's performance; its Hot Damn!-ish sound and furry via "The Marvelous Slut," "Wanderlust" and "The Sweet Life" completed their invasion in a tumult of bliss.

UK's Bring Me the Horizon and Architects also inoculated the crowd with a heavy dose of mayhem. The sweet-sixteen crowd showed immediate signs of infection as they swooned, screamed and clawed at BMTH's crowd-surfing Oliver Sykes. The band's presence was massive; their Hollywood-sized lights, depicting "BMTH," matched the band's mammoth stage presence. The band's set was amorous yet devastating. Suicide Season was almost played in its entirety, though their past deathcore lives were relived through tracks from Count Your Blessings.

When Architects' Sam Carter leapt aimlessly into a mass of bodies, you knew the group were planning a visceral performance. Even a security guard fell prey to Carter's zeal to get back on stage, so Architects could finish their audio attack of Hollow Crown and Ruin.

ETID and co. threw down a decimating night of music, leaving everyone to look forward to the next time these boys are back in town.