The Evens "Warble Factor" / "Timothy Wright"

The Evens 'Warble Factor' / 'Timothy Wright'
Last month, we learned that Washington, DC duo the Evens were ready to unleash the "Warble Factor" / "Timothy Wright" seven-inch, their first material to surface since their 2006 LP Get Evens. While the record is set to hit shelves on Monday (November 21), you can get a taste of both songs here.

"Warble Factor" finds drummer Amy Farina tackling lead vocal duties a little more ferociously than we're used to, with her wriggly timbre cracking a couple times over a bouncy backbeat. The B-side finds both her and baritone guitarist Ian MacKaye singing in unison pretty well throughout the more laid-back indie jam.

As previously reported, Dischord is delivering the single.