Eve Parker Finley Gets Musicians to Write a Song in 10 Minutes for New CBC Music Show

Jeremy Dutcher, Basia Bulat and more are set to be guests on 'Ten Minute Topline'

Photo: Stacy Lee

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 20, 2023

Could you write a song in 10 minutes? Montreal-based musician and comedian Eve Parker Finley is challenging artists to do exactly that for a new series. Entitled Ten Minute Topline, the gamified music interview show's first episode has just arrived on CBC Music.

Produced by the Creator Network, Ten Minute Topline has Finley as its host as she prompts musical guests to write a song with a randomly selected genre and topic in just a matter of minutes. The show's first guest is Jeremy Dutcher, with Basia Bulat, Cedric Noel, Thanya Iyer and Matt Rogers set to follow.

"I've always been fascinated by the idea of creating under pressure. I think inspiration can really flourish in those kinds of situations," Finley tells Exclaim! "That's part of the rationale that went into creating this show — wanting to put musicians in situations that were fun, a bit stressful, and a safe place to experiment and play. Co-producer Craig Desson and I wanted to create something that showcases a musician's talent and insight that wasn't just a straight-ahead music interview or performance. "

The outcome is a wholesome and funny segment characterized by both the time crunch and Finley and her guest's personalities. "The songs people created are hilarious and honestly absolute bangers in my opinion," Finley adds. "Everyone involved in the show has had them stuck in our heads since we wrapped. You will too likely, sorry (not sorry)."

Watch the first episode of Ten Minute Topline below.


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