Escape the Fate Dying is Your Latest Fashion

Though catchy, not much can be said for Sin City’s Escape the Fate that hasn’t already been said for label-mates From First To Last. The CD gets off to a good start with opening track "Webs We Weave,” which is packed with guitar harmonies and explosive vocals, but that approach grows old after being repeated numerous times on other tracks throughout the album. The band’s seemingly over-confident attitude makes it a little difficult to take them too seriously, and things like the immature "ooohs” and "aaahs” on the track "Situations” doesn’t help their case. A few of the songs tend to go from more melodic verses into Escape the Fate’s interpretation of a breakdown, so you wont necessarily get bored listening to a few of their songs, however, after long enough the songs do seem to run together. All in all, you might want to check out this band if you're a fan of the emo/screamo genre, and though a chorus might get stuck in your head now and then, the album is nothing all that special. They certainly aren’t going to save rock music like they seem to think they will. (Epitaph)