Eros and the Eschaton Weight of Matter

Eros and the Eschaton Weight of Matter
While Eros and the Eschaton delivered hazy, downbeat shoegaze on their 2013 debut, their latest reflects rebirth and expansion. Having relocated and been joined by three new members, founding couple Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins sound imaginative and free-spirited on Weight of Matter, especially on bubbly opener "OMG I AM," a topsy-turvy psychedelic declaration of the wonder of wild, weird existence. 
Combined, they're a fitting introduction to the album's mish-mash melange that puts spins from various decades and folk/rock genres — from the soulful '60s and '70s, futuristic '80s and fuzzed-out indie and alt-rock of the '90s — on modern compositions, where unique synth lines are key. It's quite the juggling act, but for the most part, they pull it off. "Bop Shoo Bop" falters a bit, though it's still a standout, the ominous galactic groove bumping up against an erratic solo before being juxtaposed with a playfully quirky chorus.
The mystic hippy vocals on the verses don't quite belong on the futuristic song, though, and the understated "Helicopter" proves the band are slightly better when they stick to more straightforward songs. Highlight "RXX" has an optimistic, bold through-line that brings the Rentals, Bloc Party and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to mind. It and the shoegazing "The Way I Feel" strike a deft balance between electronic sentimentality and a rocking, full-band sound. 
Overall, Eros and the Eschaton should be commended for their bold steps forward on Weight of Matter, even if they still hit hardest with their synth-studded rock spectacles. (Bar/None)