Eric Church Chief

On track seven of latest effort Chief, Eric Church sings, "we need a country music Jesus to save us all." Now, the second coming of a country music Jesus could entail any number of wild, fantastic things, but it's particularly heartening that Church decided to follow up that track with an homage to Jack Daniels and then a song about getting stoned. Church's bizarre moral compass aside, he seems to have the right attitude towards music making. He's a white bread, God-fearin', state fair attending country music singer with a trucker hat and aviators who writes songs instructing women that the most effective way to woo him is to keep a drink in his hand. If that's who you're going to be, you may as well have fun doing it. Judging by the rowdiness and the multiple odes to alcohol ("Drink in my Hand," "Hungover & Hard Up" and "Jack Daniels") on this album, Eric Church has fully embraced his God-given talents and he's ready to share them with the world, for better or worse.

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