Epica We Will Take You with Us

Though still a fairly new band, Epica have already branched out into DVD, issuing this new release in both audio and video format. We Will Take You with Us captures Epica’s performance on the Dutch unplugged music TV show 2 Meter Sessies, with the backing of a six-piece orchestra and eight-member choir. Recorded between debut The Phantom Agony and this year’s Consign to Oblivion, the performance focuses on the earlier of the two albums; six of its songs appear in full orchestral splendour, followed by an acoustic set including "Memory” from the musical Cats. So far Epica have proven themselves in the top ranks of neo-classical metal bands and, if anything, We Will Take You with Us deepens that impression. The TV performance isn’t so much a reinterpretation of the album tracks as it is a flattering readjustment, with slightly toned down arrangements making room for the band’s natural vibrancy to resonate. (Transmission)