Envy "A Breath Clad In Happiness"

Envy 'A Breath Clad In Happiness'
As we previously reported, Japanese post-hardcore band Envy are set to return with their fifth album, Recitation, this fall. However, you can have a preview right now with a free download of "A Breath Clad In Happiness."

Download "A Breath Clad In Happiness" by Envy here.

Recitation will be released by Temporary Residence on October 12.


1. "Guidance"

2. "Last Hours Of Eternity"

3. "Rain Clouds Running In A Holy Night"

4. "Pierces Of The Moon I Weaved"

5. "Lights And Solitude"

6. "Dreams Coming To An End"

7. "Incomplete"

8. "Worn Heels And The Hands We Hold"

9. "A Hint And The Incapacity"

10. "A Breath Clad In Happiness"

11. "0 And 1"

12. "Your Hand"