Emme Into the Darkness

Emme Into the Darkness
Emme Moisés is an Argentinian electronic musician who lives and works in Berlin. Her 2016 debut, Life at the Edge of a Black Hole, invited us to imagine what it would be like to live near — but never slip into — astronomy's favourite phenomenon.
So yes, the artist who calls herself Emme has her head in the sky. But not so much that she's unable to offer something meaningful to those of us down here on the ground.
Into the Darkness continues in a similar vein. Described as a "sci-fi journey" that links the universe with the individual, these seven new tracks exhibit imagination and ambition. She's aiming high.
Working alongside collaborators from Iceland, Argentina, Germany, Costa Rica and the U.S., Emme builds a kind of consensus view of the subject matter, in keeping with the album's theme. The end result hangs together nicely, but there are clearly multiple voices in the mix.
Raven Grace's spoken-word contribution to "Insert the Chip" and Samaquias Lorta's electric cello on "When the Wind Whispers" are a couple of standouts.
Into the Darkness is a good album — good enough to earn Emme a deserving spot on our collective radar screen. While there isn't a single piece here that blows us away, the potential is clearly there. Stay tuned. (Modular Field)