Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP

Well, I'm sure the backlash against Eminem has begun, and rightly so. On his second major label release, Eminem has upped his lyrical skills, utilising alliterations while packing his rhymes with many more violent jokes than previously. Plus, his flow is still as catchy as it was on his major label debut, The Slim Shady LP. Unfortunately, Dr. Dre's contribution to The Marshall Mathers LP is similar to Wyclef Jean's contribution to Canibus' Can-I-Bus - an album nearly full of boring commercial beats that just don't suit the MC's vocal styling. For the demented violence of Eminem, Dre has created an extensive number of horribly jiggy beats that would make someone like Will Smith proud. Oddly enough, the best beats (and remember, it's all relative) come courtesy of Eminem. However, Mr Mathers would have been better off taking that time to come up with new concepts for this album. Does Em plan to kill his child's mother on each and every album? And the only truly creative and touching song on the whole record is "Stan," which is the only time you actually get to witness a bit of the truly real Slim Shady. But even that song is cheapened when Eminem drops the last two lines. And taking an example from the rest of the rap industry, Eminem liberally sprinkles his album with inane and repetitive skits. If you liked The Slim Shady LP, or just like excessive violence, you would be better off waiting for full-lengths from Cage or Necro than wasting your money on another project ruined by Dr Dre. (Interscope)