Emika Readies Ninja Tune Debut

Emika Readies Ninja Tune Debut
Born Ema Jolly in the UK, Berlin-based producer Emika has already won over fans worldwide due to a trio of forward-thinking electronic singles and an inclusion on the Ninja Tune XX box set. This fall, she will deliver on the hype with the release of her self-titled debut album.

The album was recorded in Berlin with help from legendary engineer Rashad Becker. The album includes her "Drop the Other," "Count Backwards" and "Double Edge" singles, alongside nine new tracks.

In a press release, Emika explains that techno culture is a major influence on here, saying "It's a movement with sound and dancing at its very core. It's not about idols or stars, it's about sound and people coming together to dance and feel free." She adds that dubstep is another major influence, saying, "originally it was deep spiritual music made by kids for kids."

Emika will be released on October 3 via Ninja Tune. It will be available on CD, double LP or as a digital download. The album can be pre-ordered here.


1. "3 Hours"

2. "Common Exchange"

3. "Professional Loving"

4. "Be My Guest"

5. "Count Backwards"

6. "Double Edge"

7. "Pretend"

8. "The Long Goodbye"

9. "FM Attention"

10. "Drop the Other"

11. "Come and Catch Me"

12. "Credit Theme"