Emika Has 'Flashbacks' on New EP

Emika Has 'Flashbacks' on New EP
Berlin-based producer Emika continues to maintain a busy work schedule. Last year, she released a new LP called DREI before successfully funding a new symphony via Kickstarter. Before that project is complete, she's got a new five-song EP on the way.

The release is called Flashbacks, and features three new songs from Emika. There are also three different versions of the release's title track.

Speaking of the song "Flashbacks," Emika said, "It's about the flashbacks I suffer with... strong unique moments in time that refuse to release me. I am always being pulled back in time from my present awareness into a parallel world of trapped memories. It's often terrifying and very disorientating. These experiences are a world of inspiration for my work."

Flashbacks will arrive on March 4 via Emika Records. The physical copies of the release will include hand-made artwork created by Emika herself.


1. Flashbacks (radio edit)
2. Restless Wings
3. Total (ft. Michaela Srumova)
4. Flashbacks (Franck Vigroux)
5. Flashbacks (ft. Michaela Srumova) (bonus mix)