Emika Returns with 'DREI' Album

Emika Returns with 'DREI' Album
Berlin-based producer Emika released a pair of albums for Ninja Tune, including a self-titled debut in 2011 and 2013's DVA. She's since started working on her own Emika Records imprint, for which she released the piano-based instrumental album Klavirni earlier this year. Now, she's announced details for her next proper pop LP.

The album is called DREI, and was created in a bafflingly short amount of time. According to a press release, it was written in two weeks. The artist recorded it herself.

She also shared a statement about the LP:

DREI is ultimately about freedom. Coping with freedom. Limitations versus freedom. The shock of a miracle. The madness of being alone. Ambitions and insecurities. The perils of a limitless creative mind. And without a doubt, my desire to produce fat hard beats without needing anyone—complete with a fresh sound.

DREI will be available on May 4 via Emika Records. The album's tracklisting is available below.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.


1. Battles
2. My Heart Bleeds Melody
3. Miracles Prelude
4. Miracles
5. What's The Cure
6. Without Expression
7. Rache (Revenge)
8. Serious Trouble
9. Destiny Killer