Ellis Details Sophomore Record 'no place that feels like'

Single "obliterate me" arrives with the announcement

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 17, 2024

Ellis — pseudonym of Hamilton, ON's Linnea Siggelkow — has shared plans for her second album. no place that feels like, the follow-up to 2020's Born Again LP, is set for release on April 24. 

Ahead of the record's release, Ellis has shared the single "obliterate me." In a press release, she says it was inspired by a friend's nightmare that the afterlife is a liminal space. "At a party later that night we jokingly made a list of all of the things we would rather happen to us when we die — that's what 'obliterate me' is about," she wrote.

Since Born Again, Ellis shared an EP, nothing is sacred anymore. Her first track since the 2021 effort was November's "forever." 

Watch the music video for "obliterate me" — filled with Hamilton scenery — below.

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