Elevator A Taste Of Complete Perspective

There has been a historical connection that musicians make between the universe and earthly bound nature. I guess it makes sense, but I'm still not elevated enough to see the connection between stars and trees. Then again, I haven't had a good wake-and-bake for many years. Elevator clearly sees the connection between the soil and supernovae - I could almost smell the dope on this disc before the cellophane came off. Using the theme of nature throughout the album ("Driftwood," "The Animals," "My Library In The Weeds"), the band explores its meaning from the cosmic heights of freaked-out jamming. Most of the album must have been recorded live-off-the-floor, as the arrangements are impossible to follow. Hooray for that, at least there are a few bands that pay no heed to trends, at least from the last two decades. If Elevator are following any trend, it would be the one that existed between the Holy Modal Rounders and pre-1980 Hawkwind: heavy, psychedelic and absurd. (Teenage USA)