Electric Light Orchestra Live at Wembley

When this live concert video made its debut in 1978, it immediately captured imaginations, as it was one of the first concert videos that was intended strictly for home viewing by people who couldn't attend a concert. This video was also significant in that it used "state of the art" effects in an attempt to make the viewing experience more akin to the show, which featured the band playing in a clamshell-like flying saucer stage setup. But what might have looked "cool" in 1979 looks dated today. There's a limit to how much superimposing and light-flare effects on Jeff Lynne's glasses one can endure. Still, the set still holds a nostalgic and historic significance. It does successfully capture the leading edge prog-pop band at its peak after the release of Out of the Blue, just before they went more commercial. Which brings us to the second part of the disc: the entire Discovery album in video form. A mediocre album that spawned "Don't Bring Me Down" is rendered even less interesting with dated and supremely cheesy rock videos that demonstrate that some bands are best left anonymous. (Eagle Vision/EMI)