Eishelig Die Gärten des Herrn

Die Gärten des Herrn is Eishelig’s sophomore record, apparently an exploration through Christian symbolism of good and evil (without being able to decipher the German lyrics it’s hard to say for sure). The German language has a distinct enunciation, which Eishelig bring to an extreme to the effect of referencing an entire wave of goth/industrial bands from their country’s recent past. But even more than that, Eishelig might be Moonspell’s German doppelganger or a long lost, cross-cultural little brother. Die Gärten des Herrn has a consistent gothiness all the way through — part rock, part industrial — one track flowing into the next with little sense of separation. However enjoyable the sound, there’s little sense of individual songs, leaving you at the end with a blank feeling and a hard time remembering what you’ve just heard. (Napalm)