Eighteen Visions Until The Ink Runs Out

As more and more bands push the hardcore/metal envelope to previously inconceivable heights, playing a seemingly cut-throat game of "can you top this?" the question remains, is being competent really enough? Especially when measured against what was cutting edge just a few years ago and what is today. While Eighteen Visions arguably does little to stray beyond already well tilled fields, their competency and execution establishes them as one's to keep an eye on, even if they haven't quite reached beyond their range of influences at this point. Eerily reminiscent of Until Your Heart Stops-era Cave In, both in song structures and riffs (minus the indie-noise rock preoccupation and electronic-ambient experimentation) and employing a healthy Coalesce influence, which serves to balance out some of Eighteen Visions more "traditional" metalcore leanings, Until The Ink Runs Out contains enough technicality, heaviness and ferocity to break big in both the hardcore and metal scenes. However, while opener "She Looks Good In Velvet" and "Champagne and Sleeping Pills" establish a relentless pace and would no doubt be thrilling in a live environment, it's when Eighteen Visions gets into more emotional purging, "The Nothing," that they truly shine and begin to forge their own identity. (Trustkill)