Eddie Vedder Music For The Motion Picture Into The Wild

Sean Penn’s acclaimed film based on the life of doomed societal dropout Christopher McCandless was tailor-made for Vedder to interpret through his own pseudo-survivalist approach to his work. Although clocking in at just over 30 minutes, it’s hard to consider this a proper solo debut for the Pearl Jam front-man, but the 11 songs are often bang-on in capturing the sense of alienation that prompted McCandless to embark on his journey. Conversely, opening tracks "Setting Forth” and "No Ceiling” equally convey the boundless freedom the film suggests as well. It’s a quiet quality that Vedder’s songs have previously sought but never achieved due to the constrictions of the band, so fans will surely appreciate the pure intimacy that Vedder is still able to tap into despite how much his voice has been co-opted over the past 15 years. Into The Wild shows that there is a new Eddie Vedder waiting to emerge and hopefully it won’t be long. (J/Sony BMG)