Eddie Richards/Various Fabric 16

Eddie Richards has been DJing since most of today’s clubbers were in primary school, having begun spinning as a 16-year-old in England in 1979. Since then, he’s seen pretty much every genre come and go. Somewhat bizarrely, this is his first commercial mix CD. In the mid-’90s Richards was one of the DJs who pioneered the tech-house sound — a mix of Detroit techno and Chicago house — and has stuck with it since then. This disc is smooth tech-house from beginning to end, most of it from America and England. It’s not minimal or click-y at all — wiggly bass lines, synth pads and occasional vocals appear frequently through the 14-track mix. The mixing is technically sound and the tracks are well-sequenced. Some of the best tracks are the hypnotic "Scorpio” by Corrie, Pure Science’s homage to Detroit "Do U Know House?” and the deep and sweeping "Steppin’ Out” by Living City. My only caveat would be that there are few speed changes, which gives the disc a slightly monotonous feel after the first hour. Other than that, it’s a solid mix. (Fabric)