Ecstatic Sunshine Offshoot Co La Lines Up LP for NNA Tapes

Ecstatic Sunshine Offshoot Co La Lines Up LP for NNA Tapes
Despite the format implied by NNA Tapes' name, the label has recently begun to make forays into vinyl. Next up, on November 15, the eclectic record company will put out Daydream Repeater by Baltimore experimentalist Co La.

Co La is the recording moniker of boundary-pushing songwriter Matthew Papich, who made a name for himself as a member of the instrumental guitar duo Ecstatic Sunshine. His solo works are sample-heavy and faintly tropical, consisting of chopped-up fragments and tight, hypnotic loops.

A press release name-checks the Avalanches, Cornelius, Daedelus, the Ronettes and LL Cool J, and promises that the album will include "propulsive blowouts of sped-up funk," "vintage rocksteady" and a "seamless swirl of goopy psychedelia and tropical pop."

The ten-song tracklist is below and the cover is above. Keep scrolling down to hear the sunny single "Egyptian Peaches," courtesy of FADER.

Daydream Repeater:

1. "Cocktail"
2. "Vanity Plate"
3. "Wanna Say Faux"
4. "Turned Twice"
5. "Burning One In Stockholm"
6. "Smooth Solidarity"
7. "Egyptian Peaches"
8. "Belgian Pillow"
9. "My Jamaican"
10. "Siamese in Greece"

Co La, "Egyptian Peaches" by The FADER