Ear Goggles DVD 'Zine Fall '08 Issue

In an age when blogs have more weight than hard product, it's relieving and surprising to see someone go to such an extent as this, creating a DVD magazine documenting the happenings of their community. Ear Goggles endeavours to keep a record of metal, punk and hardcore performances at Vancouver's the Cobalt, capturing bands such as Neuraxis, Fuck The Facts and Mr. Plow. It's a great idea that flows well, especially as everything is caught via two cameras, and the smooth editing keeps the 'zine flowing. Moreover, Ear Goggles is sonically impressive, given that it seems to be working off little more than whatever the camera microphone picks up. Bonus short film Ninja Vs. The Skater and a skateboarder profile ensure Ear Goggles is two hours of fine independent entertainment. While it would be nice to see bands interviewed to give a little more background for the uninitiated, Ear Goggles is still fun and hilarious. (Independent)