Eagles Of Death Metal Peace Love Death Metal

What will first attract people to Eagles Of Death Metal is the association with Queens Of The Stone Age, that’s obvious. Josh Homme is the drummer, yet that should be all he is known for because this is really the project of the band’s "fearless leader” Jesse Hughes. And to clear up their name, no, this isn’t some hybrid of MOR country rock and extreme death metal. Formed back in 1998 as part of Homme’s illicit Desert Sessions, Eagles are kind of like QOTSA’s silly kid brother that gets wasted on beer and pot instead of tequila and ecstasy. Peace Love Death Metal is an untamed monster that does whatever it feels like, whether it is strutting like the Rolling Stones, igniting the lightning bolt of AC/DC or stealing Prince’s falsetto and libido. The fuzzy guitar licks are akin to Homme’s well-known style, while taking the time to poke fun at his involvement in the band (check the intro to "Flames Go Higher”), so you can see Hughes isn’t exactly oblivious to his star drummer’s profile. The inclusion of guest artists such as former Queens bassist Nick Olivieri and the Distillers’ front-woman Brody Dalle, show this incestuous circle of musicians, that includes about 20 others, is more like an anarchic gang throwing a bush party. (AntAcidAudio)