Terminal Threshold

BY Mark TremblayPublished Oct 4, 2019

After a three-year absence, Dysrhythmia return with Terminal Threshold, a record filled with instrumental chaos that has a lot for the listener to unravel. Terminal Threshold is both an exhibition in song structure gymnastics, while also being incredibly accessible.
Terminal Threshold contains a ton of guitar-vocalizing melodies throughout the record. Guitarist Kevin Hufnagel creates many emotional peaks and valleys on songs such as "Power Symmetry," "Plague Delay" and "Rule of the Mountain." Each song intertwines a wide variety of earworms to tie the sonic madness together. With so much to unpack, the listener can enjoy it on a multitude of levels.
Drummer Jeff Eber is the glue that holds the whole record together — from his timely hits on songs "Progressive Entrapment" to the elaborate patterns on "Twin Stalkers," his playing is essential, while simultaneously playing with the beat in a way that creates more impactful melodies.
Terminal Threshold is a deeply layered album from which one can derive a multitude of experiences. Whether it is the melodies, or the rhythmic interplay between instruments, Dysrhythmia have created a record that is both nuanced and accessible.
(Translation Loss)

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