Dysrhythmia Plot 'Test of Submission' for Profound Lore

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 5, 2012

Brooklyn trio Dysrhythmia are one of those frustrating acts for genre purists who have a tough time discerning where they fit in. In Exclaim!'s review of 2006's Barriers and Passages, we said, "it's not really metal, so to speak," while a press release describes them as "extreme instrumental jazz- / fusion- / whatever-metal." Regardless how you want to define them, Dysrhythmia have a new album on the way.

The record is called Test of Submission and marks their first release since departing from Relapse Records. A press release promises that the record "is the darkest and most intense of their already storied career," pointing out that they "prove themselves light years beyond the current crop of instrumental virtuosos, and it's important to note that they compose actual songs with proper structures instead of merely showcasing the fact that they can play the living hell out of their instruments."

According to the band's new label Profound Lore, guitarist Kevin Hufnagel describes Test of Submission as "his most challenging recording endeavour yet."

The label will issue Test of Submission on August 28. The title track can be streamed below.

Test of Submission:

1. In Secrecy

2. Test of Submission

3. The Line Always Snaps

4. Running Towards the End

5. In the Spirit of Catastrophe

6. The Madness of Three

7. Like Chameleons

8. In Consequence

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