DVBBS Are Teaming Up with Alex Lifeson to Remake Rush's "Closer to the Heart" (Whether You Like It or Not)

DVBBS Are Teaming Up with Alex Lifeson to Remake Rush's 'Closer to the Heart' (Whether You Like It or Not)
EDM brother duo and Orangeville, ON natives DVBBS are no strangers to collaborating with a who's-who of EDM giants, but oddly enough, brothers Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef are now set to collaborate with Canadian rock icons Rush in remaking a classic catalogue entry.

BroadwayWorld reports that the duo will team up with guitarist Alex Lifeson to remake Rush's 1977 hit "Closer to the Heart." As far as the collaboration's genesis, everything reportedly came together over dinner with Rush's management.

"When we first had dinner with Ray Danniels...we couldn't be any more excited hearing the stories," Christopher van den Hoef told the publication. "I grew up a drummer so Neil Peart was a legend to me and a strong influence on my whole childhood and music career. They're the greatest Canadian band of all time so when we were given the chance to remake a song and implement new music and production with Alex Lifeson, you can imagine how excited we were."

DVBBS are perhaps best known for their "Tsunami" team-up with Borgeous, while Rush are currently celebrating their career of over four decades with a documentary and massive reissues for their landmark LP 2112.

The "Closer to the Heart" remake is expected to arrive in early 2017, which is perfect timing considering the Internet hasn't managed to piece a passable remix together quite yet, as you can hear below.